Project presence at AMEE – the largest European conference on Health Professions Education

The AMEE 2021 Conference was held as a virtual conference from 27-30th August 2021. The conference attracted thousands of participants from around the world.

The DID-ACT project was represented by two oral presentations and active participation from several project members.

Samuel Edelbring and colleagues presented and discussed our curriculum framework in a presentation called “Development of our framework for a structured curriculum: Outcomes from a multi professional European project”.

Key points from the presentation were:

  • An overarching model for curriculum development (Kern 2016)
  • Presentation of our 35 learning objectives in 11 themes and 4 levels
  • Characteristics on the what and the how of our clinical reasoning curriculum
  • Some practical examples of learning activity designs

Magorzata Sudacka from Jagiellonian University presented an E-poster about the complexity and diversity of barriers hindering introducing clinical reasoning into health professions curricula – results of interprofessional European DID- ACT project.

Inga Hege and colleagues presented and discussed “Differences in clinical reasoning between female and male medical students in a virtual patient environment”. They found that female students created more elaborate concept maps than the male students. They were also more likely to complete the VP’s. However, no differences were found on the diagnostic accuracy.

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