• Sudacka M, Adler M, Durning SJ, Edelbring S, Frankowska A, Hartmann D, Hege I, Huwendiek S, Sobočan M, Thiessen N, Wagner FL, Kononowicz AA. Why is it so difficult to implement a longitudinal clinical reasoning curriculum? A multicenter interview study on the barriers perceived by European health professions educators. BMC Med Educ. 2021;21(1):575. (Full Text)
  • Parodis I, Andersson L, Durning SJ, Hege I, Knez J, Kononowicz AA, Lidskog M, Petreski T, Szopa M, Edelbring S. Clinical Reasoning Needs to Be Explicitly Addressed in Health Professions Curricula: Recommendations from a European Consortium. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18(21), 11202 (Full Text)
  • Szopa M. Clinical reasoning and tutoring; how to combine it effectively. The International Conference Masters of Didactics. A virtual conference organized by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science. June 21-22, 2021. (Abstract)
  • Szopa M, Sudacka M, Kononowicz AA. Jak Z Sukcesem Wdrożyć Efektywne Nauczanie Rozumowania Klinicznego Na Kierunkach Medycznych? Alma Mater. 2021; 222-223:34-6.
  • Hege I, Adler M, Durning S, Edelbring S, Huwendiek S, Kononowicz AA, Sobocan M, Sudacka M, Thiessen N, Wagner F, Welin E. Development of a longitudinal interprofessional clinical reasoning curriculum – an international project. Presentation for the annual conference of the German association of Medical Education (gma) 2020/21.
  • The general needs analysis, which was the basis for this project has been published: Kononowicz AA, Hege I, Edelbring S, Sobocan M, Huwendiek S, Durning SJ. The need for longitudinal clinical reasoning teaching and assessment: Results of an international survey. Med Teach 2020; PubMed
  • DID-ACT projet description on the website of the German National Agency (DAAD) in German Press release University of Augsburg in January 2020 in English and German
  • DID-ACT dissemination sheet in Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances Dissemination sheets : Projects 2014 – 2019

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