Project Results

On this page we will publish all project results, deliverables, reports. Please note that deliverable reports might be private with restricted access.

Result/DeliverableDescriptionDue DateStatus
D1.1 Report on specific needs, preoccupations of stakeholders, and barriersSpecific needs analysis based on survey and interviewsApr 30th 2020In Progress
D1.2 Curricular solutions for the needs described in D1.1June 30th 2020In Progress
D5.1 Set of evaluation and analysis toolsDeveloping a set of evaluation and learning analytics tools for the student curriculum and the train-the-trainer course.Dec 31st 2020In Progress
D6.1 Planning and introducing the agile project managementThe project team agreed on using Trello boards for project management, the report describes specifics for using Trello within the project.Feb 29th 2020Completed
D6.2 Quality criteria for each deliverableQuality criteria are defined at the beginning of each deliverable.June 30th 2022In Progress
D6.3 Monitoring of the working progressConstant monitoring and analysis of the project managementDec 31st 2022In Progress
D7.1 Social media strategy based on social network analysisEvaluation of common social media networks and creation of a strategey how to use of these channelsMar 31st 2020Completed
D7.2 Website and learning management platformwww.did-act.euApril 30th 2020In Progress
D7.4 Dissemination eventsMeetings & EventsDec 31st 2022In Progress
D8.1 Signed consortium agreementsInternal management taskApr 30th 2020Completed
D8.2 Kick-Off MeetingKick-Off meeting in AugsburgFeb 29th 2020Completed