Curricular Blueprint

This images shows an overview about the DID-ACT student curriculum including learning units for the train-the-trainer course. The blueprint is based on the categories, themes, and learning outcomes that have been developed as part of WP2. 

Each cell represents one learning unit (LU) with a title and one or more colored dots for the category/ies on the left-hand side. The colored background indicates the level of ceompetency. For example, the cell “What is Clinical Reasoning” is intended to be on the novice level and belongs to the category “Theories” (green dot). 

An LU is a synchronous or asynchronous session with students (typically 45 – 90 min) or a combination of synchronous and asynchronous phases which can be either online or face-to-face. For example, an LU could start with a synchronous meeting where students develop something together with a teacher, followed by an asynchronous online phase in which they individually further develop it and finally they meet again all together to present and discuss.