Curriculum Development

A list of open educational resources (OER) for clinical reasoning has been published as part of workpackage 2:

As part of the curriculum development process (D3.1 and D4.1) we publish the Excel template to outline the individual learning units and the curricular blueprint.

Curricular Blueprint (click to open it)

In addition, please find below some clinical reasoning related resources which can especially be used during the online teaching phase in the current Corona pandemic:

More than 65 open access virtual patients (VPs) in English and German have been created as part of a previous Marie-Curie Global Fellowship. Some of the VPs are also available in Polish and Spanish. The courses are freely available at (Login with EduGain account). Part of the virtual patients have been adapted to the current Covid-19 situation – a short report of the adaptations can be found here:

A series on short video clips about clinical reasoning and diagnostic errors is available as aplaylist on YouTube